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Sept 6, 2000

Song Title/Artist/Album

X- Noxious Emotion- Elements
Cure For Your Plagues- Test Tube- Reconstructive Surgery
Facer- X Marks The Pedwalk- Four Fit
Embryonic Testaments- Cruciform Injection- Biomechanical Disintegration
Mein Kampf- Quantum 7- Negative Reinforcement
Nitrogen (Part 2)- Juno Rector- Shango
Slave- Carbon Haze- Fullcode
Cold War- Funker Vogt- Maschine Zeit
0 Gemini 31- Hanzel Und Gretyl- Ausgeflippt
Milk DX- Autechre- Peel Sessions
Nutopia- Meg Lee Chin vs. Hanzel Und Gretyl- Chemical Warfare
Crossfire- MOEV- Suffer EP
Funky Hell- Intermix- Phaze Two
Last Start- SMP- Terminal
I Believe In You- The Final Cut- Consumed
Blue (Alternate)- B Machine- Opal CD5
No Time- Numb- Blood Meridian
Work Terminal- Digital Poodle- Soul Crush
Under The Snow- Lunophobia- Edge Of The Night: A Russian Gothic Compilation
Souls Of The Valiant- Will- Word*Flesh*Stone