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Sept 20, 2000

Song Title/Artist/Album

Dance Of Limbs- Test Tube- Reconstructive Surgery
Denial- Waiting For God- Desipramine
Bi Polar (Serotonin)- Assemblage 23- Virion Sequences
Uranus Cancelled- Skinny Puppy- Brap
Afterbirth- Alien Faktor- Arterial Spray... And Cattle Mutilations
Embryodead- Wumpscut- Embryodead
'Cuz It's Hot- My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult- Some Have To Dance... Some Have To Kill
Voice- VNV Nation- Praise The Fallen
Ultra- KMFDM- Nihil
Juke Joint Jezebel- KMFDM- Nihil
Methylated- Pigface- A New High In Low
Auto Erotic- Numb- Blind
Heavy Scene- Meg Lee Chin- Piece And Love
Snivel- Digital Poodle- Soul Crush
Trick Or Treat- Download- Charlie's Family OST
Killing Fields- Funker Vogt- We Came To Kill
The Gravity Of Love- Enigma- The Screen Behind The Mirror
Kicking The Habit- Geode- Music & Poetry