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November 22, 2000

Song Title/Artist/Album

Shallow Nation- Icon Of Coil - Serenity Is The Devil
Illusion- God Module - Virion Sequences
Jesus Wept- Suicide Commando - Mindstrip
Fade To Grey- Nerve Factor - The Criminal Within
Headhunter (Aghast View Remix)- Front 242 - Electropolis V.2
Retribution- Front Line Assembly - Critical Mass
Dial 8- Velvet Acid Christ - Twisted Thought Generator
Apple Of Sodom- Marilyn Manson - Lost Highway OST
Coma White- Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals
Coma Black- Marilyn Manson - Holy Wood
Murder God's Unrepentant Laughter- Fockewolf - Die Toten Weg
By-Product (High Yield Nightsoil)- Test Tube - Reconstructive Surgery
Metal- Nine Inch Nails - Things Falling Apart
Morpheus Laughing- Skinny Puppy - Too Dark Park
Resonant Magnetic Source- Die Form - Extremum
You Will Pass Away- Beef Terminal - 20 GOT0 10
Reflect In Silence- Decoded Feedback - Mechanical Horizon
Pale Blue Moon- Sophya - The Age Of Sophya
Another Day- Sophya - The Age Of Sophya