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December 13, 2000

Song Title/Artist/Album

Cold War- Funker Vogt - Maschine Zeit
Encoded- Cruciform Injection - Biomechanical Disintegration
I Believe- Carbon Haze - Fullcode
Everlasting- Icon Of Coil - Serenity Is The Devil
Situations Like These- Icon Of Coil - Serenity Is The Devil
Crapage- Front 242 - Religion EP
Aftermath- Battery - Aftermath
The Dawn- Nerve Factor - The Criminal Within
Krishna (Cosmic Jimbé Mix)- Supa DJ Dmitry - Scream Of Consciousness
Comatose Delusion (Overdose Shot Two)- Suicide Commando - Mindstrip
Save The Rave (DJ Lain vs. 303D Mix)- Save The Rave Project - Save The Rave
Where Angels Don't Sing- Hocico - Sangre Hirviente
Judgement Day- Diamandą Galas- The Singer
Closing Prayer (The Littanies To Satan)- Masochistic Religion - The Littanies Of Satan
Dream Of The Hollow Fishes- Deathwatch Beetle Repairman - Hollow Fishes