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February 21, 2001

Song Title/Artist/Album

Follow Me- Funker Vogt - T
Radiomorphism 2- Die Form - Extremum
Black Market Dealers (Maschinen Mix)- Funker Vogt - T
Mechanical Horizon- Decoded Feedback - mechanical Horizon
Run- Suicide Commando - Mindstrip1
Murder God's Unrepentant Laughter- Fockewolf - Die Toten Weg
Voice- VNV Nation - Praise The Fallen
In Your Soul- Terminal Choice - Ominous Future
Dreaming Blade- Rhea's Obsession - Between Earth And Sky
Sin (Dub)- Nine Inch Nails - Sin 5" EP
Lesson One: Movement A- David Abir - Meld 3
Landscape- Ashley Wales - Meld 3