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May 16, 2001

Song Title/Artist/Album

High Energy Protons (Orion Mix)- Juno Reactor - Bible Of Dreams
Hole- Numb - Death On The Installment Plan
Dream Industry v.5.1- Alaska Highway - Negative Reinforcement
Heart Of Lilith- Inkubus Sukkubus - Diva X Machina Vol.3
Embryonic Testaments- Cruciform Injection - Biomechanical Disintegration
Radiomorphism 1+- Die Form - Extremum
Stern- L'Ame Immortelle - Diva X Machina Vol.3
Nobelium- Noxious Emotion - Elements
Missing Time- MDFMK - Heavy Metal 2000 OST
Inside Me- Concrete Nature - Virion Sequences
Electrocution- Front Line Assembly - Columbian Necktie
Inefficient Machine- Waiting For God - Desipramine
Deadlines- Skinny Puppy - Brap
Timekiller- Project Pitchfork - Daimonion
Chemicals- SMP - Terminal
You Just Died- Icon Of Coil - Serenity Is The Devil
Terror And Withdraw- Fockewolf - Die Toten Weg