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Please bear with the "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" status

These are some links to some really great industrial acts

Aghast View Aphex Twin Assemblage 23
Atari Teenage Riot Attrition Autechre
Bauhaus Birmingham 6 Black Tape For A Blue Girl
Coil Current 93 The Damage Manual
Dead Can Dance Deathwatch Beetle Repairman Digital Poodle
Einstürzende Neubauten Excessive Force Front Line Assembly
Funker Vogt Jarboe KMFDM
MDFMK Meat Beat Manifesto My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Nine Inch Nails Noxious Emotion Numb
Project Pitchfork Rasputina Shape Factor Moment
Skinny Puppy Sow Stabbing Westward
Switchblade Symphony VNV Nation Rhea's Obsession

Here's some record label links

Gashed! Project Records Wax Trax! Records
COP International Metropolis Records ADSR Musicwerks
DSBP Invisible Records Mute Records (UK)
Spider Records World Serpent Records Subconscious Communications
Nothing Records Posthuman Records Killer Sex Machina Records
Isolation Tank Anomalous Records Pendragon Records